Procitta Projecten is an independant Engineering-, Architect- and Consulting company that advises parties about ‘Zoning’ and the ‘Land use planning processes’ in the broadest sense.


Procitta Projecten was established on the 1st of  January 2006 by D.J. Van Bodegom MSc (BNA ACE) and is registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in The Hague under number 272844980.


The word ‘Procitta’ in the Italian language means, free translated, ‘for the city’.


Procitta Projecten wants to contribute to a sustainable and acceptable built environment: social cultural and financial responsible, environmentally and scenically fit in the available space.


Procitta Projecten works in cooperation with government(s), semi-government(s), landowners, developers, builders, hospitals, care institutions, businesses and individuals.


(GDPR) Procitta Advies B.V. declares that no privacy sensitive data is requested, collected or stored through this website.

Procitta Projecten Van Alkemadelaan 1136 2597 BL The Hague

Phone Netherlands: +31 (0)70 354 12 50 / +31 (0)6 515 444 99 Tanzania: +255 (0)788 48 70 60

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